Cute Baby Jungle Animals

The last days I worked on new designs for my Hungry JPEG store. I used these illustrations before, but now they are in a bundle you can purches. I just love these little jungle animals. I think my favourite is the Zebra, if I had to choose.

Check them out. If you click on one of the photo’s you directly go to the bundle in my store.

Bunny and Bear ballerina invitation

I love this cute invitation. The bunny and bear look so sweet in there ballerina outfits. The invite is sold in my Zazzle site. You can edit the text easy. Zazzle prints the invites for you. Also check out the lovely backside.

New designs at Zazzle

I have been so bussy with new designs and illustrations the last months. That I haven’t had enough time to publish anything. I will try to keep you posted from now on, about all the new designs that are coming and my new places where I am selling my designs.
Here is my latest project. I am working on rain forest illustrations. I love this little girl sloth. I could not wait to design something with her. So I designed this cute clock and pillow and sweet t-shirt for Zazzle


Valentine’s day free printable tag

I know the new year just started, but for you know it, it’s February 14th!

I designed a free printable tag you can print and use for a gift, flowers or anything else you give to the one(s) who stole your heart.

Valentine free tag 2016kopie

Just click on this link:

Valentine free tag 2016 PDF

Good luck printing and creating.

Cake Bakery French Patisserie party

As promissed, the party pictures I received of the French Bakery shop party. The party looks so cute!

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