Valentine’s day free printable tag

I know the new year just started, but for you know it, it’s February 14th!

I designed a free printable tag you can print and use for a gift, flowers or anything else you give to the one(s) who stole your heart.

Valentine free tag 2016kopie

Just click on this link:

Valentine free tag 2016 PDF

Good luck printing and creating.


Sweet 16 party ideas

After watching MTV’s program “Sweet 16”, I search on google for Sweet 16 party ideas. I hope you will get inspiration from this.

37 38 39 41 42 44 45 46 47 48 50 51 52 53 89 90 91 92 93 95 97 98 99 1 99 2 99 3 99 4 99 6 99 7 99 8 99 36


I got inspired myself, so I made you a little gift. A 2inch favor tag.

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Sweet 16 2inch circles PDF

Klink on the link to download the PDF file, with the 2inch circles.

Good luck with planning and decorating the party!

Doc Mac Stuffin inspired free printable

I love Doc Mac Stuffin. She is such a cute doctor. Disney always has a way to find so cute characters. My childeren love disney. And I have to confess, I do to!

Here are some party ideas I found when I googled Doc Mac Stuffin party;

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 I17 18

If you are looking for coloring pages, or games or printables then go to:

I made a free printable. You can use the band-aids to decorate.


Doc Mac Stuffins bandage PDF

Click on the link to download the PDF file.

You can see some examples to use them, in the pictures above.

In my shop you can find a thank you tag, only for $ 2.90. It’s an instand download. So when you purchase the tags, you can download them right after you made your payment. Click on the image to go to my shop.

Doc MacStuffin thank you tags foto

Valentines day

I love valentines day. I love being loved. In my house you can find a lot of heart shaped items. Most of them were a gift of my husband (who I love so very much!!!) Every day should be valentines day. Not with the gifts, but telling each other that we love them and treasure them for always. I think it’s so important to let people know that there are loved!!!

So for you a little valentines card you can download. Write a little love note to the ones that are dear to you.

Typmachine valentine card PDF

Princess Party free download for 2 inch circles and place cards/food label cards

Download these cute Princess 2 inch circles and place cards/food labels and have a wonderful little princess party.

Princess Party download here

  • You can use the 2 inch circles as cupcake toppers, to close your party invite envelop, or to decorate cups.
  • Cut of a stroke of pink cardstock and wrap it around a napkin, glue a 2 inch circle on it for decoration.
  • Use your sewing machine to sew a lot of 2 inch circles on a string so you have a lovely little banner.
  • Cut of a broad stroke of cardstock and wrap it around a bottle, use the 2 inch circle for decoration ( you can also use the food label for decoration)
  • Or use it as a tag on your goodie bag and write your message on the backside.
  • And there are many more ways you can use the 2 inch circles

  • Write on the place cards, the names of your guests. Place them on the party table and everyone know where they should sit.
  • Or use them as food labels.
  • You can also use them as small thank you cards. You write “Thank you” on the front and inside you can write your personal message.
  • Or use them as a tag.

Love to know if you have more ideas to use these items, and pictures are always welcome so we can see how the party turned out!!!

Christmas is coming…..

The Christmas spirit is slowly starting to grow at our house. On the 5th of December we celebrate “Sinterklaas” in the Netherlands. It’s a party for the kids with lots of presents. It’s a lot like Santa Claus. And after the 5th of December we start decorating our house for Christmas.

I finally got my Christmas party kit in my shop.

If you like to read more about it go to;

Here is a free download for a “popcorn”box with the same design as you can find in my Christmas party kit.

Christmas party popcorn box

Happy Holidays.

Chevron Baby Shower

Chesly contacted me to design a baby shower for her sister Cara. Her sister is very fresh and hip, so she asked me to design a Yellow and Grey baby shower. She liked it to be a Chevron theme with cute little birds to make it fun for a baby.  I think it turned out beautiful. Thanks Chelsy Boucher from B COUTURE for the lovely pictures.
Here is the adorable invite…
And of course fun pics of the food and decor…
I love how the banner looks!
If you love the yellow and grey chevron them as much as me…a FREE home printable from me


In my shop you can find the invitation and a printable kit with the banner, 2inch circles, thank you circles and “tent style” table labels.