Lalaloopsy party ideas

I wanted to share all the lovely pictures I got from customers, how bought at etsy my Button Doll printable party kit.

Button Doll 1

Button Doll 3kopie

Button Doll 2kopie

lala 2

lala 3

lala 4

lala 5


5 6 7 8 9 10

Thank you so much for sharing.


Mermaid Party decorations

The day for the party I had to bake a lot of cupcakes. Luckily it’s very easy to make them. Indy and her brother Bas helped me with decorating the cupcakes ( and eating a lot of dough!!)

They turned out so lovely, and they tasted very good.

Then we put up all decorations, banners

Welcome sign and lots of ballons!

On Sunday all family came. Indy got so many presents, but the lalaloopsy tree house she loves the most.

On Tuesday her friends from school came. We first let them decorate there own cupcake.

Then we let them craft all kinds of things. They all were so busy making the most lovely things. They had a great time.

After that they eat pancakes. The party was a success and before we know it the parents came to pick them up.  Indy slept as a sweet rose that night.

Mermaid Party, the preparations.

My daughter Indy wanted a Mermaid party for her 5th birthday. The pink Mermaid invitation for the girls and the Mermaid and Pirate invitation for the boys. So I made the invitations with all details and printed them and the envelops on white cardstock (160 gram). With a craft knife and a ruler, I cut out all the invitations and envelops.

They turned out so cute. Everybody loved them!

Next I had to make 80 cupcake toppers. So that kept me busy for some time.

Then I made the goodie bags for Indy’s friends, Mermaids and Pirates.